Happy 2010~!

Yep... It's like 2009 but Older.

Sorry we haven't posted anything since before Xmas but things come up ... like us traveling to New Jersey for Xmas where I get to meet his parents for the first time. Yea. That happened and I hope they adore me as much as I adore them. It was nice to meet new friends and hang out with some that we've missed a whole lot.

... and I learned about the glories of the "MAN CAVE". Yes, our friends have this glorious Nerd Basement fully equipped with life size wall decals of your favorite good and evil Star Wars characters, Star Wars Pin Ball machine, a plethora of SUPER SEXY GEEK paraphernalia properly matted and framed... and an 80 inch screen with an HD projection system and surround sound... full bar and video closet like i've never seen. It was GLORIOUS. We watched District 9 (one of my top 5 fav sci fi movies) and the Family Guy's Star Wars... my mind was blown in the comfort of the leather lazy boy sofa...

We had many adventures in Jersey. Frankly, aside from the weather... I like it better than Los Angeles. There are these things that grow out of the ground. I mean they're EVERYWHERE! They call them Trees. Yea, they're cool'n stuff.

Then we spent all Day NYE at DisneyLand. 14 hrs walking back and fourth from ride to ride. Then the crowds came. People were camped out since NOON to be sitting by the castle when the ball dropped. We were smarter. We watched the fireworks and had a direct eye path down Main Street to the castle. Once the fireworks stopped we were one of the first hundred to leave the park and we were home by 1am. Piece of cake... I do feel a little like a crazy person, but it was all so much fun. Also lunch at the Blue Bayou in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was DELICIOUS!

Jan 1, A bit of drawing as inspired from watching those Steam Boat Willie animations followed by the Start of our new xmas game: Dragon Age.

XMAS GIFTs from the Boyfriend: Clothes from http://CLOCKWORKcouture.com (cuz he knows i LOVE steampunk), Boots from Cutsie Girl, Custom 4 Tier Black Pearl Necklace from http://ellenewlandsjewelry.com, A whole bunch of random items, A hentai blow up doll ... And then he had me search the house for the last present which totally took me off guard. When I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes. It turns out that while January and I were in Dubai Joe was at home going through all of my sketchbooks. Then he took pictures of my best work and made a book out of them. It's the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. The best gift EVER. So we will be reprinting an edited version to sell to all of you.