Random Link

I was going to post some fun tid bits about our home that I like to call our Marvel Museum. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. 

Today i bring you These lovely Jump Roping Ladies. click it. its about 7 mins long and seriously... I've seen some CRAZY shit in my day (belive you me!) but I have never EVER seen anything like this! They must have given the girls some speed or a red bull injection before hand. I've tried jump roping. Its not easy. These wiley girls are faster and more agile than any of my martial artist or free running friends!  I'm... in a word... FLABBERGASTED! The stamina! The Agility! The Teamwork! These girls should be the New American Ninja assasins. Just imagine the things they could do. A triple back flip out of a tree and strangle a guy in 2 seconds then Pyramid and jump rope from building to building. You know they could. and if they were wearing those cheer leader outfits no one would think twice to hurt them. Just a shine from one of their big young sparkly eyes and WHATAHH ninja star to the knee.

OK. Fantasy over and back to our regularly scheduled program :D