Our First Time

Hi guys. I've spent all day editing photos from the past couple of years for my 2010 calendar. I like to listen to audio tapes and only recently have started listening to podcasts. TWIT. I'm all about the super tech geeky podcast TWIT. And because of twit i found a way to get my site up and running all by my self. 

I used to be a programmer back when I was in college. I knew html and put together my first website when I was 15: sassykiss.com. Who knows where the site is now. Probably bought out by some random human. Sitting in the dark. (the website, not the human, or who knows.) but... HOLY COW. Times have changed. The little I do remember has helped make this site, as automated as the process was. So, BOOYAH. We're up and running!

Also got some good news on the animation i'm doing for RAO Entertainment. We've finally got a female voice for the sound so now to get my little brother up and running on the music. Its just a 3 minute animation. Fem dom to some non fetishy music.

One last thing before I head to the living room to watch Joe play Ghost Busters. I've finally found a writer for my  Stripper comic. I'm talking to Bella Vendetta about it right now. She's a Porn Star too. Too?... Guess I cant say that anymore huh. Well, it was important that the writer be in the stripping/porn industry. This should be fun! The other two comics i'm working on are being put on hold. I re read the afterlife one and it sucks. The idea was cool but the writing not so much. I think writers forget that just because they know all the story doesn't mean the audience will. As for the other comic, turns out I'm going to have to get a writer to help me out. Lots of religion and it's important to me that it doesn't sound feminine. 

Eyes Crossing and my food is probably done cooking in cafe world.