Last Minute Christmas Wish List

Ok, so I'm a procrastinator and it took me this long to post my Christmas Wish List. Hopefully you are a procrastinator at buying gifts, if so then lucky us :D. Here's a list of things I'd like at any time of year really. Hopefully you can use ideas from this list to purchase items for your lady friend or lover. The List runs from Sexy to Nerdy so click accordingly. Some of the Sexy items will be NSFW. The price range goes from as low as $10.00 to as much as you want to spend.

The address to send these items to is at the end of the list. (and no it's not my home address)

Better late than never.


1. GIFT CARDS - Sometimes its best to just send a gift card. Here is a list of stores to buy gift cards from that I just adore:

BEBE - (aka: stripper 101) 

Borders - because I'm a Bookaphile.

Pearl Art Store - I'm always in need of canvas', paint, pens, pencils, brushes, etc.

Guess - I'm a girl and like dressing up in pretty clothes and sexy shoes. Would you have me any other way?


2. Sexy Presents - 

THE RIMBA STORE - Pretty body jewelry. I'm particular to gold since my skin is a soft tan. Silvers and platinums just don't look right. This store is incredible. Delicate and sexy.

Sub-Shop - I made a wish list at my favorite online bondage store. Their holiday sale is incredible: up to 75% off!!!!!! The wish list is already has my mailing address attached to it. 


3. Geeky Gifts

ROBOT! - The sexy FemiSapien Humanoid robot to be precise. She's so sexy!

BAYONETTA - on PS3 and Xbox360. I've both so either would be AWESOME!

Wii Games - I love RPG's, wii sports and puzzle games. Okami looks really pretty and I'm a Final Fantasy fan so the Crystal Bearer looks cool. I collect Nintendo systems because I'm obsessed with Zelda the game and have a HUGE crush on Link. I have all the games they have out.


4. Because I LOVE food -

Juicers - Don't have one, really want one. This is a list of some.

Food Processors - I know these are dorky wish list items, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE making food and cooking. these are essential items and my last one broke.


There you have it. Happy Holidays Everyone!


the mailing address for gifts:

Satine Phoenix: 1308 Factory Place #509, Los Angeles, CA 90013