AVATAR: a visual symphony

Its 3:50am and i'm wide awake.

We went to see the 12:15am showing of AVATAR and I feel like i've been on a roller coaster with the entire theater. I felt the wind in my hair, the fear in my heart... every emotion sang through my nervous system. It was, in a word: breathtaking. 

In 1999 the script was put on the back burner while James Cameron waited for technology to catch up to make the camera that would bring his imagination to life. Also WETA. WETA kicks so much ass right now.

Its sci fi but really forces you to see the effect company has over civil rights. How we treat and respect living entities isn't far from how he portrays it in the film. We watch these movies but what we're really doing is looking in the mirror and most of the time we end up rooting for the opposite team.

About 3/4 of the way through I took notice to the message. Not just "Save the Rainforest" but the realization of the lack of communication we have with our environment. Well, with what's left of it. 

I'm exhausted so i'm signing off before I start ranting on about earth energy and freak you all out.

Watch the trailer. it's a zillion times more amazing with the 3d glasses on.

It's a beautiful story told perfectly by the talented actors and cg artists. You've never seen the nuances of every human emotion in cg... not like this:


 ALSO.. i'll reiderate that I had NOT seen the trailer at all. Did NOT look at any posters or merchandise for the movie. Critics keep going on about how simple the story is. If he made it any more complicated people would have boo'd that they didn't "get it". Its Sci Fi. Either you like Sci Fi movies or you don't.