AVATAR and my day :)

I woke up wafting in the smell of passion beneath the sheets. Saw my boyfriend off to work. Read the 4 issues of Pax Romana by Jonathan Hickman. (which i'll be reviewing sometime between moving and Avatar today). Then picked up the Nerf arrows strewn about the house that the cats got into. What a Splendid morning followed by lunch in little Ethiopia here in Los Angeles with Destin Gerek, Mastermind of http://EroticRockstar.com where we talked about love, life, connecting and personal spiritual philosophies over too much Ethiopian coffee. 

As beautiful as today has been what i'm really excited about is AVATAR!!!!!!!!

Somehow Joe and I have been able to avoid seeing any promotional material for this movie. We've heard a lot about it, know the behind the scenes stories of the movie but have not been tainted by commercial garbage. Tonight at midnight we will see AVATAR! I haven't been this excited since my friend waited in line in San Francisco 22 hrs to get us seats for Star Wars. Here's a secret people: ARCLIGHT CINEMA. You can purchase your actual seat before even getting to the theater. If you're late, no worries. you can still have that perfect seat. So, that's where we're going. To the one in Sherman Oaks. Life is good.

Movies Movies Movies. This week has been full of new Trailers and upcoming movie MANIA! 

Here is the new CLASH of THE TITANS trailer that came out yesterday and the new Robin Hood Trailer. So much information to share. Too bad I have to move stuff today, there's so much to write about.