Are you SERIOUS!?!

I don't know where people get these ideas from. Seriously? People think that Dungeons and Dragons is a gateway into the Occult? Oh come on. Maybe waaaay back in the day or maybe there are some Wickans or pagans that play. But wizard magic that turns someone into a frog does not exist. Playing D&D is no different than playing a video game except that you do the imagining. I've seen war video games that are more disturbing than a group of kids playing a game in the safety of their home. Not doing drugs. Not getting into trouble and their parents know exactly what they are doing.  

I heard of this D&D hatred a long time ago as i was driving to LA from SF. I like to argue with the Bible stations about their philosophies and inconsistencies. For fun. ... and there was an audio version of the comic that is located at the bottom of the blog. UNBELIEVABLE. People will make up whatever they want it seems just so people will do what they say. And if someone with wealth says these things then they MUST be right. 

So, read the comic.. leave your comments on my blog or on their comic... 

I just can't believe how simple minded people are still. No wonder we don't have jet packs.

It bothers me even more that these same people that write stuff like this worship pop bands and actors. Aren't you NOT supposed to put your faith into false deities? I mean, that's what I got from studying christianity. Pop culture/pop religion just confuses me so.