Man.. we know how to have FUN! Saturday night came about and there were so many things to pick from to do in Los Angeles! Yep, we stayed in and played a bunch of PS3 Demos. :D

I know some have been out for a while but they were fun and i had not played them yet. I found that since i'm fond of the wii and wii type games Pixeljunk, Mushroom Wars and Fairy Tale fights were a fun game to play with my boyfriend. Bayonetta is a REALLY sexy RPG game that most BI sexual girls would have fun playing. Dante's Inferno has boobs in it.... also cool monsters. But more importantly: BOOBs. Joe posted a more thorough review on it in the REVIEW page.



And then we watched Passions of Christ and Apocolypto. Passions I could have gone my WHOLE LIFE without seeing. Apocolypto was good especially since Joe worked on a couple of scenes and did call outs through the movie and we got to see his name (spelled slightly incorrectly) in the credits. 

Today (SUNDAY) we had a DELICIOUS breakfast at Alicia and Ian's place after which we chatted on their PodCast about Joe and my's falling in love and life after Porn. Visit their site: http://freddyandeddy.com and check out their pod cast: behind the white picket fence.

Back to more video game playing...