Wacky Week

First things first. HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS in the FEATURE section. CLICK it for some really fun toy ideas!!!

So, The week started last friday when i went to play D&D at my friends house. You would think that playing with a group of super sexy boys and girls (girl's who's cleavage leaves me speachless) would be distracting... but the truth is that once the game starts its GAME time. 

Then Saturday Joe and I went to the AIM benefit thrown by Kimberly Kane, Sasha Grey, Belladonna and Joanna Angel.  I got to catch up with some old friends and introduce them to Joe. That was really awesome. It was his first porn party. i'm just happy it was tame and not super duper sleazy like some of the parties get. 

After getting quite tipsy at that party we went to support my good buddy Chad Michael Ward showing his art at the Museum of Death here in Hollywood. The owner preceded to show us his taxidermi pig and his dog who sleeps in a coffin. Too cute.

Then there was Sunday. The LA Car Show. WOW.. i'm so excited to edit all of the car photos that we took. my two favorite pieces of the show were the new Lexis LFA and the BMW Concept car the VISION.BMW Vision concept carBMW VISION 

Then on Wed I played dress up in front of the camera with my best friend January Seraph for Erik VonGuttenberg's new video line: Darkline productions. sorry its so blurry

Heavy latex. need i say more? After we went out and celebrated my friend SIN FISTED (a model & award winning stripper contortionist) B day at Boardners in Hollywood. I guess i drank too much. The next day Joe woke up to spilled sweet and sour sauce all over the kitchen and dining room floor. And i paid for it yesterday. 

I went with Jon Siren (of Mankind is obsolete, Drummer for Psyclon 9, Dismantled, Kidney Thieves etc..) to the Toyota dealer yesterday. Probably still drunk. And he got a BRAND NEW Scion XD. Black on black. I almost ralfed at the dealership. I did have to leave and borrow his old beater. 96 Saturn. He's trying to sell it for $1000.00. 

So i slept and slept and recovered enough to go to see skinny puppy and HOLY COW ... it was like i was 15 again. The club smelled like i remember clubs smelling that played skinny puppy. The show was FANTASTIC. And i ran into some friends that i didnt know liked Skinny Puppy. :D i love when people surprise me like that.

 They played my fav Skinny puppy songs: 

WARLOCK on youtube

ASSIMILATE on youtube

and one they didn't play that i really really love: 

CANDLE on youtube

Now i'm off to play D&D with my buddies. :)

Have a great Weekend Ya'll. See you Monday!